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5 Essential Tips for Promoting Your Charity on Social Media

Posted by Ida Lucente on 22/02/17 17:26

Social media is one of the most effective forms of online marketing today due to the nonprofit sector's digital transformation. An active social media presence is an indispensable asset to any organisation or business looking to promote itself online, and charities are no exception. Or at least, they shouldn’t be. Being a long-term investment, patience is required, and you should be prepared to invest your time and energy. If you persevere, however, the results can be very rewarding. In this article we will take a look at 5 of the most essential tips for promoting your charity on your social...

Digital marketing

Digital marketing offers promising future for charities

Posted by Ida Lucente on 26/01/17 16:45

Digital marketing can help charities connect with a large number of people and raise funds for their causes. Common ways include having a well-maintained website, and using apps and other mobile-based services. Many prominent charities like the British Heart Foundation and the NSPCC are already reaping the benefits of these modern marketing tools. In this article we will take a brief look at different ways in which any charity can effectively use digital tools to their best advantage. Importance of digital marketing for charities Charities - small or large - can use some form of digital marketing to spread awareness...

Responsive Website

Why your Charity Needs to Invest in a More Responsive Website

Posted by Ida Lucente on 16/01/17 16:44

Your charity is run by people, for people, and with the help and support of people. It is therefore essential that you communicate the positive difference that you want to make to as many people as possible. Educating the masses and spreading awareness of your cause are paramount, and you can't afford to ignore the modern marketing tools that are now available. A common misconception held by many charities that they don’t need to advertise or market their organisations in the same way that profit-oriented businesses do. However, there is no reason why charities should not benefit from the digital...

Digital Transformation

Time for Charities to Jump on the Digital Transformation Bandwagon?

Posted by Ida Lucente on 07/12/16 16:42

With the phenomenal spread of digital media across all sections and levels of society in recent years, it is high time that charities too cash in on this digital boom. By their very nature, charitable organisations tend to market themselves less forcefully. Focusing on public good rather than pure profit often results in shying away from more aggressive and innovative advertising methods. Time for a major change of mindset Although some are starting to embrace this new world, most charities are still struggling to make the vital shift. Many charity leaders are still hesitant about making this move, and lack...


How can social media help your charity gain new donors?

Posted by Ida Lucente on 07/12/16 16:39

Everyone is aware of the influence that technology is having on the world of commerce. Why should charities and not-for-profits lag behind or stay on the sidelines? Charities can use digital methods to gain valuable revenue to both cover core costs and realise plans for expansion and growth. It’s time to speed up on the digital highway. It’s time to use technology and social media to woo your donors. Become a social media charity. Find out how you can build better donor relationships through social media... Showcase your work online Keep it simple. Show your donor the difference your charity...

mobile friendly

3 reasons why your charity’s website needs to be mobile friendly

Posted by Ida Lucente on 02/11/16 15:45

Is your charity's website responsive? If not, it should be. Mobile optimisation has gone from being a neat added extra to being a crucial component. If your website doesn’t render well on smartphones and tablets, it will lose traffic and frustrate potential supporters. It will also be penalised by Google. Here are three reasons why your charity's website should be mobile friendly. 1. Mobile is... how your supporters engage with your charity online The percentage of website traffic from mobile devices has grown significantly in recent years. It's therefore safe to assume that your supporters are visiting your website from smartphones or...

Advice to a newly-minted Fundraising Director

Posted by James Bainbridge on 27/10/16 16:15

Becoming the Fundraising Director of a national charity was a goal I set myself quite early in my career. Once I attained this ‘lofty’ position, whilst my fundraising skills were well honed, the learning curve suddenly steepened.  As the manager of a large department and a key member of the wider leadership team, new skills had to be learnt quickly and some old habits broken. Whilst I suspect some things in life have to be learned through personal experiences (the hard way) there is room to benefit from the experience and mistakes of others. So here are my Top 10...

Your ‘Cut-out and Keep’ guide to charity Vision, Mission and Values (or VMV)

Posted by James Bainbridge on 12/10/16 16:20

Even seasoned charity professionals can get into a pickle trying to explain the difference between their Vision and Mission statements. Get trustees involved in the discussion and add in Values and Ethos statements and it won’t be long before half the room is tied in knots and the other half is running for the door. But help is at hand!  Here is a short summary of useful definitions, you can cut-out and keep for the next time someone (maybe you) gets into a muddle.  Vision Statement A compelling and inspiring description of the difference the organisation will make, e.g. ‘A...

3 ways to keep up with your supporters online

Posted by James Bainbridge on 04/10/16 16:32

Once your charity is well established online and putting up content regularly, you need to make sure that you're appealing to your audience effectively. Here are three ways to make sure that you're hooking people in and keeping them engaged. 1. Tracking Where do your visitors find your website? How long do they stay? What's the ratio of donation page hits to payments received? Tools such as Google Analytics can help you to answer these questions. Make sure that your website is easy to read, and states your aims and purpose clearly. This will help minimise 'bounces'. 2. Calls to action...

How to set up Charity Checkout

Posted by James Bainbridge on 06/09/16 15:00

Once you have signed up, Charity Checkout can start processing donations for your charity straight away. Many charities receive donations in the first few days, so the sooner the 'Donate now' button is visible on your website or Facebook page, the better. This is how you set up Charity Checkout... Step 1: Customise your payment page To set up or customise a donation page, you'll need to log into your account using the login details that were emailed to you upon joining. Select 'Manage' > 'Checkout Links' (1) in the main menu and select the donation page that you would like to customise, or click...

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