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How to get started with Charity Checkout

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 19/02/16 15:49

Once you have signed up, there are a couple of actions you can take that will ensure the smooth running of your account with us. This is how you get started with Charity Checkout... Step 1: Link your payment page with your website To start accepting donations online, you will need to place a ‘Donate now’ button on your website, or integrate Charity Checkout directly within a page of your website. You can also integrate Charity Checkout with your charity’s e-newsletters, Facebook page and other social media profiles. We have written another blog post covering this topic in detail. Step 2: Provide your bank...

The benefits of accepting donations online

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 04/01/16 15:42

Accepting donations online has become incredibly popular in recent years, and a hugely effective method of raising funds. Consequently, many more charities are looking to find ways to increase their online donations. Here are a few reasons why you should start accepting donations online: 1. Quick, easy and hassle free Being able to accept donations online means that you can take payment in any currency at any time, and from anywhere. Having an online payment processing platform to manage these donations helps you to reduce administration costs and increase efficiency. 2. Enticing donors Enabling your donors to give online means that...

UK fundraising

UK Fundraising: Charity Checkout adds ‘give and nominate’ tool to promote ‘chain reaction of giving’

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 09/12/15 15:37

Online payment processing platform Charity Checkout has added a ‘Give & Nominate’ feature to its payment process with the aim of stimulating “a chain reaction of giving” to small charities. Now supporters of the charities that use the fundraising platform will be presented with the option of sharing their donations with their friends and contacts and to nominate them to follow them by giving to their chosen charity. The sharing can take place via email, Twitter and Facebook. Chester Mojay-Sinclare, the founder of Charity Checkout, said he hoped the new function would help small charities raise more funds at no extra...

donation websites

Types of charity donation websites compared

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 08/12/15 15:19

The are a number of different types of charity donation websites available, with many factors to consider, including: cost, security, features and functionality the online fundraising landscape can be overwhelming. This is a brief guide to the main types of platforms to look out for, which could help your charity grow... The different types of charity donation websites There are various types of charity donation websites available, and it is important to understand which is most appropriate for the purpose you have in mind before worrying too much about which is the cheapest, most secure or most effective overall. Charity donation websites...

Top 3 Direct Debit charity benefits

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 04/12/15 15:18

Direct Debit is the best way to accept regular donations, for a number of different reasons. Here are just three of them: 1. Direct Debits do not expire If a donor sets up a regular donation with their credit or debit card, payments to the charity will be stopped automatically when the card expires. By lasting indefinitely with no expiration, using Direct Debit extends the lifetime of the donor's support substantially. Direct Debit should be the primary option for charities looking to ensure a consistent stream of regular giving. 2. Direct Debit reduces admin costs Donors that make regular donations by standing...

UK fundraising

UK Fundraising: Small charities still “missing out on online donations”

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 09/11/15 15:24

Many small charities are still not accepting online donations via their own website, according to research by charity payment processing specialist Charity Checkout. Their survey of 5,214 charities over the past two years found that 71% do not accept online donations. Charity Checkout’s founder Chester Mojay-Sinclare says that the contrast between national charities and local ones has never been so stark. He said: “Whilst the majority of local charities are do not accept credit and debit card payments online, large charities are investing more in technology year on year. We must reduce the technical and financial barriers to payment processing for smaller not...

Internal barriers to fundraising success – the battle within

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 23/10/15 16:24

In 15 years working as a fundraiser in charities large and small, the greatest challenges on most occasions were not: the economy, donor apathy, difficulty finding and retaining good staff or an emotive cause to tell donors about. No, the most common and energy sapping challenge is gaining and retaining the co-operation of colleagues in other departments, senior management and trustees. Don’t complain – get buy-in Without emotional buy-in and practical commitment to fundraising from colleagues and volunteers, the fundraisers will always be working with one hand tied. The hurdles can take many shapes. They might include a lack of...

How to create and use custom data fields

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 23/10/15 15:11

This is a quick "how-to" blog post to show you how to create and add custom fields to your Checkouts, so that you can start capturing custom data from your supporters using Charity Checkout. Please Note: If you haven't already, we strongly recommend you check out our CEO's recent blog post introducing custom fields before you start using this advanced feature. Which type of custom field do we need? Shared custom fields These are custom fields that we've already created for you, just to save you a little time. These are shared among all our clients and act as universal data fields that you might...

Introducing custom data fields

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 23/10/15 15:08

Charity Checkout prides itself on offering charities an unrivaled service when it comes to customisable and branded payment services. Custom fields are the latest addition to our platform, and they are free to all customers. We've launched custom fields because we recognise that even the smallest of charities has its own unique needs.  This feature allows you to customise your payment process with just a few clicks, enabling your charity to collect any information you might require from your supporters. This blog post will provide a brief introduction to our new feature. Field Categories There are two categories of custom fields: Payment fields You should...

Website features for charities that will save you time

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 14/10/15 14:44

Time is a precious commodity for all of us, but running a small charity as a volunteer in spare time alongside a full-time job still carries many of the same responsibilities and requirements as the larger charities with employees have to deal with. There are many website features for charities available, but here are a few that will help you save time. 1. Online payment system Standing orders have been around for years, but using this method not only requires you to look through your bank statements to keep track of your donors, but is unable to seize on the moment. 22%...

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