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How to create and use custom data fields

Posted by James Bainbridge on 23/10/15 15:11

This is a quick "how-to" blog post to show you how to create and add custom fields to your Checkouts, so that you can start capturing custom data from your supporters using Charity Checkout. Please Note: If you haven't already, we strongly recommend you check out our CEO's recent blog post introducing custom fields before you start using this advanced feature. Which type of custom field do we need? Shared custom fields These are custom fields that we've already created for you, just to save you a little time. These are shared among all our clients and act as universal data fields that you might...

Introducing custom data fields

Posted by James Bainbridge on 23/10/15 15:08

Charity Checkout prides itself on offering charities an unrivaled service when it comes to customisable and branded payment services. Custom fields are the latest addition to our platform, and they are free to all customers. We've launched custom fields because we recognise that even the smallest of charities has its own unique needs.  This feature allows you to customise your payment process with just a few clicks, enabling your charity to collect any information you might require from your supporters. This blog post will provide a brief introduction to our new feature. Field Categories There are two categories of custom fields: Payment fields You should...