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Advice to a newly-minted Fundraising Director

Posted by James Bainbridge on 27/10/16 16:15

Becoming the Fundraising Director of a national charity was a goal I set myself quite early in my career. Once I attained this ‘lofty’ position, whilst my fundraising skills were well honed, the learning curve suddenly steepened.  As the manager of a large department and a key member of the wider leadership team, new skills had to be learnt quickly and some old habits broken. Whilst I suspect some things in life have to be learned through personal experiences (the hard way) there is room to benefit from the experience and mistakes of others. So here are my Top 10...

Your ‘Cut-out and Keep’ guide to charity Vision, Mission and Values (or VMV)

Posted by James Bainbridge on 12/10/16 16:20

Even seasoned charity professionals can get into a pickle trying to explain the difference between their Vision and Mission statements. Get trustees involved in the discussion and add in Values and Ethos statements and it won’t be long before half the room is tied in knots and the other half is running for the door. But help is at hand!  Here is a short summary of useful definitions, you can cut-out and keep for the next time someone (maybe you) gets into a muddle.  Vision Statement A compelling and inspiring description of the difference the organisation will make, e.g. ‘A...

Trustees with Pom-poms: How to bring out the best in your overlords

Posted by James Bainbridge on 13/06/16 15:54

The last article I read on trustees was a bit like a ‘Spotter’s Guide’ to rare birds.  There were descriptions of the pecking ‘Critic’, the deafening ‘Know-it-all’, the shy ‘Quorate’ (just-making-up-the-numbers) and the ‘Looking-Backer’ with a memory like an elephant. You get the idea. Lots of fun, but not that helpful really. Perhaps becoming a trustee myself, a few years ago, changed my point of view.  Suddenly, I became a lot more tolerant and understanding of my own trustees, when I was back on the day job.I now had the advantage of knowing what if feels like having to make...