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payments on twitter

How to accept charity payments on Twitter

Posted by James Bainbridge on 13/06/16 15:53

Just as Twitter has become a crucial element of business marketing, it can be hugely effective for charities too. A compelling message and an easy way to pay will enable newly recruited supporters to donate there and then. Below are some tips to help you to get started... 1. Think of a campaign or appeal Do you have any running at the moment that you could use? Something specific can lend a much greater sense of urgency than general giving.  Define your target or goal, display your progress, and your online fundraising will be very engaging. 2. Create a hashtag This is the key...

Top 3 Direct Debit charity benefits

Posted by James Bainbridge on 04/12/15 15:18

Direct Debit is the best way to accept regular donations, for a number of different reasons. Here are just three of them: 1. Direct Debits do not expire If a donor sets up a regular donation with their credit or debit card, payments to the charity will be stopped automatically when the card expires. By lasting indefinitely with no expiration, using Direct Debit extends the lifetime of the donor's support substantially. Direct Debit should be the primary option for charities looking to ensure a consistent stream of regular giving. 2. Direct Debit reduces admin costs Donors that make regular donations by standing...

UK fundraising

UK Fundraising: Small charities still “missing out on online donations”

Posted by James Bainbridge on 09/11/15 15:24

Many small charities are still not accepting online donations via their own website, according to research by charity payment processing specialist Charity Checkout. Their survey of 5,214 charities over the past two years found that 71% do not accept online donations. Charity Checkout’s founder Chester Mojay-Sinclare says that the contrast between national charities and local ones has never been so stark. He said: “Whilst the majority of local charities are do not accept credit and debit card payments online, large charities are investing more in technology year on year. We must reduce the technical and financial barriers to payment processing for smaller not...

Website features for charities that will save you time

Posted by James Bainbridge on 14/10/15 14:44

Time is a precious commodity for all of us, but running a small charity as a volunteer in spare time alongside a full-time job still carries many of the same responsibilities and requirements as the larger charities with employees have to deal with. There are many website features for charities available, but here are a few that will help you save time. 1. Online payment system Standing orders have been around for years, but using this method not only requires you to look through your bank statements to keep track of your donors, but is unable to seize on the moment. 22%...

Is face-to-face fundraising good value?

Posted by James Bainbridge on 09/09/15 18:33

It’s widely known that a significant portion of the general public despises face-to-face fundraising. You only need to consider the rise of the popular term “Chugger” to see this. So what is it that gives this industry such a bad name? Well, the answer to that is quite apparent and one need only ask their neighbour for their opinion, to obtain a reasonably accurate depiction of the nation’s disdain for face-to-face. As stated by Cllr Paul Convery, from Islington Council, who recently announced that he is making efforts to get this activity off Islington’s streets, “I sympathise with charities. It’s...

Charity running costs as you’ve never seen them before

Posted by James Bainbridge on 09/09/15 14:22

On the tube, I started flicking through the Metro, and I noticed an Oxfam advert on the front page. “Donate to Oxfam this February and the nice people at PayPal will pay out running costs. So 100 per cent of your money goes directly to fighting poverty.” I checked this later online while waiting to get my hair cut, as you do these days, and PayPal were indeed covering Oxfam’s running costs, that’s 19p per £1 (and for what it’s worth, they are also actually quite nice at PayPal, I spent a weekend at their offices a while back). Interestingly,...

Lessons from a disgruntled volunteer

Posted by James Bainbridge on 08/09/15 18:29

A friend of mine, whom I will refer to as Harry, is a freelance graphic designer who has worked for companies such as: Tesco, B&Q, Currys, Marks & Spencer and Charity Checkout. Last year, Harry volunteered to rebrand a local homelessness charity. The charity was suffering from funding cuts and was eager to make up the lost income by shifting their focus towards an appeal for donations, from the public as well as private companies. While this local charity successfully secured the support of an experienced and talented designer, they made three common mistakes that eventually lost them Harry’s ongoing...