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Hope for Kids International

Hope for Kids International cares for children in crisis: orphans, street children, those who have been abandoned or abused, and those who are victims of war, disease, and extreme poverty.

Hope for Kids International started fundraising through their website for the first time in 2011, via Charity Checkout. The charity now consistently receives hundreds of pounds every month via its website. Annual income doubled over two of the last three years and continues to grow strongly. Hope for Kids International say that the average monthly income generated via their website is enough to educate more than four children for a whole year, including books, stationery, uniforms, fees and travel costs.

The charity reports that their attitude to online fundraising has changed due to Charity Checkout. With more people wanting to give by credit card, they are confident in encouraging more individuals to give via the website. The management team believe that it is vital for Hope for Kids International that donors can give immediately via the website, rather than having to write a cheque. As a result, the charity is now focusing on driving potential donors directly to their website.

The charity’s director feels that the branded aspect of Charity Checkout is particularly valuable. The fact that their donors see their charity’s logo, branding and information ensures that they feel they are giving directly to the charity, which increases trust and security. Hope for Kids International have also had feedback from their donors saying that the new Charity Checkout system is quick and easy to use.

What they say:

I greatly appreciate the support that Charity Checkout has provided to Hope for Kids International. Having access to such an efficient, cost-effective and friendly service is a huge benefit to us as we raise funds to care for orphans and vulnerable children around the world.

Roger Allen / Executive Director, Hope for Kids International