Once you have signed up, Charity Checkout can start processing donations for your charity straight away. Many charities receive donations in the first few days, so the sooner the ‘Donate now’ button is visible on your website or Facebook page, the better. This is how you set up Charity Checkout…

Step 1: Customise your payment page

To set up or customise a donation page, you’ll need to log into your account using the login details that were emailed to you upon joining.

Select ‘Manage’ > ‘Checkout Links’ (1) in the main menu and select the donation page that you would like to customise, or click ‘New Donations Campaign’ (2). You will notice that we will have already created a bespoke payment page for your charity, which you can easily alter to meet your exact requirements.

This will load the five step setup tool, which is explained in detail in Section 2 of our user guide. You can also customise the payment page using custom fields, which you can read about in this blog post.

On Step 3, you can choose the type of ‘Donate’ button you wish to use (1), or if you already have your own, select ‘Upload’ (2).

On Step 4 you can set up a return URL, which is the website address that your donors will be redirected to after they have completed their donation. This could be a ‘Thank You’ page on your own website.

Once this is done, go to Step 5 and preview your payment page.

Step 2: Link your payment page with your website

In order to receive donations, you’ll now need your donation page to be visible to your supporters. The easiest way to do this is to link your website with your donation page, either by linking to the payment page URL (1) shown on Step 5, or by copying the ‘Donate Button HTML’ (2) into the HMTL code of your website.


Step 3: Embed your payment page into your website
If you want to embed the donation page within your website, rather than linking to it, this can be done using the ‘iFrame Integration Code’. In order to do this, copy the ‘iFrame Integration Code’ into the HMTL code of your website.

Step 4: Add your payment page to your Facebook page

You can also connect your Facebook account with your payment page so that supporters can donate without leaving Facebook!

To add the ‘Donate’ button to your Facebook page, follow this link and complete the next steps:

  1. Click ‘Install Page Tab’
  2. Click ‘Choose Facebook Pages’ and select your charity’s Facebook page
  3. Click ‘Add Page Tab’
  4. Authorise the application and accept the terms, if prompted
  5. Under ‘Edit’, select ‘URL’ with the ‘Height’ set to 1100 px to keep the donation process within Facebook
  6. Enter your Charity Checkout payment link into the URL box below
  7. Under ‘Tab Settings’ change the ‘Tab Name’ to ‘Donate’
  8. Under ‘Tab Settings’ change the ‘Tab Image’ by uploading this image
  9. Click ‘Save Settings’

Step 5: Put your payment page in your charity’s email signatures

Making a link to your payment page appear in your email signature is very easy. Most email clients allow you to add text links to your signature, and some even support HTML, meaning that you can use your full ‘Donate’ button.

Step 6: Include your payment page in your e-newsletters

All email marketing platforms will allow you to include links in your email campaigns. Why not create a ‘Donate Now’ link back to your payment page?

If you have problems with any of the above steps, email us on support@charitycheckout.co.uk. We also provide integration services, if you need our help with linking your website or social media profiles with your Charity Checkout account.